Our archery ground is independent and it’s managed by a professional archer, Massimo,who organizes lessons providing all the necessary equipment and expertise.

The archery is located 200 mt from the Fattoria, next to the Casale, with about 20 places of 70 mt length, where only archers certified Archery Media, Fitarco, Fiac and Uisp can enter. The daily fee for the archery is 10 euro per person.

Archery Media –  Lessons

Information about lessons and archery are online on Archery Media asd website. To open a window on archers world click here.

The lessons are delivered in our archery ground by a qualified instructor, outdoor from April to September, surrounded by a priceless quiet nature.

There are no fixed dates or participants number for the lessons. Please contact the instructor for agreements.

Kids are welcome but their height must be at least 1,30 mt.


Lessons last 90 minutes. For beginners they include the basic equipment use. For advanced archers, personal equipment is required.

Price per person 30 euro.

Opening time



Mobile +39 392 1268896


Summer camps

Our summer camps have been organized for many years in cooperation with Legambiente Reggio Emilia which takes care of enrollments and didactic and leisure activities.

Our farmhouse, with its overwhelming nature, is the perfect location for the child-nature and child-animals relationship development that Legambiente wants to be the core of its educational-leisure purposes. Their formula includes experienced teachers and entertainers who help children develop their creativity, together with freedom, social armony, respect of nature, themselves and other human beings. They hit this goal through group activities like (handcrafting, art, excursions) stimulating freedom and responsibility.

The kids have fun grooming the animals, exploring the vineyards with treasure hunts, producing pieces of art, competing in sport activities, visiting our dairy, falling in love with the horses and taking care of the animals.

You can have information about Legambiente and their activity contacting them at their phone/fax number 0522/431166 from 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. or online :

Bimbi campi estivi

Hot-air balloons

A hot-air ballons flight..why not? If you have never been on such an old mean of transport we suggest you to try at least once in a lifetime! The excitement of being ‘suspended’ in the air with only the wind caressing your face, while below the world keeps working is unique! Those who are used to fly on planes can be surprised too, watching the world from a different perspective. The most exciting part is the preparation of the flight together with the passengers. It’s a beautiful experience that allows you to learn how this machines work. Hot-air balloons excursions are made by Paolo Barbieri. We will get in touch with Paolo who will explain the flight details and the rates.

Ask for information at the number: 335.329239


Tasty visits


There are many products we eat every day and we don’t know anything about. Some of them are the fruit of old traditions carried on by generations of farmers.

Just learning about a simple product one can understand better the place where it comes from and the people who made it, the nuances that make our country so various.

We are available to lead you into the magic world of Parmigiano Reggiano of Reggio Emilia, one the Protected Origin Denomination products of our province.

Our dairy is on the farm land and the balsamic aging is in front of the farmhouse. At the end of the visit we would be glad to make you taste our products. The visits are free for our guest but we kindly ask you to tell us about when booking, in order to give a better service.

We will be also glad to plan visits for big group of people, as available, also in English if necessary.

Visita al caseificioOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Mtb and road bike itineraries

We are at the foot of the hills, near the town which you can reach by bike along a wide net of bike paths.

Reggio Emilia is indeed one of the first italian towns for the number and quality of its bike paths.

If one wants to go towards the hills instead, there is a wide choice of trails, depending on the skills level and the interest in the natural and historical heritages you will find along the itinerary.

We will be happy to tell you how to reach the places of your interest, providing maps and our own love for bikes!. If you also need to rent a bike please ask the reception in advance if there are any available.

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