Our Farm was started midway through the last century and since then, through three generations, our family continues to make history in the Reggiano area, day after day and with great pride.

We have a history of food products which are simple and yet unique and unmatched in the world, and our own personal cultural heritage which we are proud to witness and uphold through the years.

The farm owes its historic name ‘La Razza’ to the fact that, in the past, it was home to a large equestrian centre, in which thoroughbred horses ‘di razza’ were raised.

Nowadays, ‘La Razza’ is home to a wide range of farming activity: from the dairy farm to pork rearing, from the centre of operations to the fodder factory and cattle shed, from the vineyard to the lake and our most recent addition: the agriturismo and sporting centre.

The farm stretches across five towns that make up the Reggiano foothills and plain, but in spite of our 220 hectares of land and diverse range of products, it is still an exclusively family-run business.

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