Through these “General Terms and Conditions for Accomodation,” La Razza outlines the general terms governing the accommodation contract, which can be booked through various methods, including electronic means.

La Razza is attentive to the needs of the website’s users. Therefore, these General Terms provide the necessary information about all aspects of purchasing our services, including online purchases, in compliance with Legislative Decree 06/09/2005 no. 206 (“Consumer Code”), as amended by Legislative Decree 21.02.2014, no. 21, following the guidelines of European Directive 2011/83/EU.

Before submitting the request, the consumer who accesses the website to make a reservation,

must carefully read these General Terms, which are made available on the website and can be consulted at any time by the Customer through the link included in the reservation/purchase confirmation email.

In cases where the entity purchasing the accommodation service is not a “consumer or user” as defined in Article 3, paragraph 1, letter a) of the Consumer Code, the provisions that, according to the same Consumer Code, apply exclusively to “consumers” will not be applicable.


La Razza, a partnership of Zoboli Reno & Co., located at 6 Via Monterampino, Reggio Emilia, VAT number 01036670352, provides the services indicated on this website and owns the domain name. La Razza operates the booking/sales platform, including email and on the website.

Website: This refers to the current website that allows access to the booking/purchase service.

Service: This refers to the product/service offered by La Razza through the current website. Customer: This term refers to a legal adult or legal entity that, by submitting a reservation/purchase order, intends to acquire the Service from La Razza through the website and make payment for it via the website. If the Customer qualifies as a consumer according to the definition in Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, they are entitled to all the provisions that offer greater protection, unless otherwise provided in this contract.

Consumer Code: Refers to Legislative Decree 06/09/2005 no. 206.

General Terms: Refers to the present contract terms published on this website, which the Customer can view and print at any time, and which applies to the sale of the Service by La Razza to the Customer.



These General Terms are an essential part of the Service purchase contract made through this contract.

When a customer submits a purchase order for a Service, the Customer affirms their legal commitment to the terms and conditions outlined below.

These General Terms also apply, to the extent they are compatible with the respective Service, to open-air hospitality services (pitches) intended for camper stays.


The agreement between La Razza and the Customer applies to the provision and use of the reception and accommodation service in the main structure “Le Scuderie” and partly in the adjacent annex “Il Casale.”

Hospitality is also available in open-air spaces (pitches) designated for camper stays.

Upon arrival for check-in, guests arriving in campers or similar vehicles will be provided with a document that outlines the rates, services included in the price, and the internal regulations that must be adhered to.

You can make reservations for a stay at La Razza by sending an email to or by calling +39 0522.599342. La Razza will verify the availability of the requested accommodation (or housing unit or pitch) and will inform the customer within 48 hours by sending a reservation summary form, which will also request the customer’s credit card information as a guarantee for confirming the reservation.

The reservation is considered confirmed only after the Customer provides this data and La Razza accepts it. La Razza reserves the right to confirm reservations using alternative methods, distinct from the one stated above (e.g., payment of a confirmation deposit in accordance with Article 1385 of the Italian Civil Code or full advance payment in exceptional circumstances), which, however, remains the primary method. Please note that reservations lacking credit card information (or payment of a confirmation deposit according to Article 1385 of the Italian Civil Code, or full advance payment for specific cases requested by La Razza) will not be guaranteed.

Sending the information above constitutes unconditional acceptance of the contract.

At the time of booking, it is advised to inform La Razza of any special needs or situations (allergies, mobility difficulties, etc.).

The details of the different accommodation services are available on the respective pages of the website.

By submitting the reservation request, the Customer declares that they have read the General Terms and the Privacy Policy and confirmed their acceptance.

In the event of specific circumstances, such as a pandemic, it is the responsibility of the Customer to provide documents or certificates (e.g., a health green pass).

In cases where the Customer does not have the necessary identification or other documents required by law, La Razza has the right to refuse them accommodation.

If no other duration is specified, the accommodation contract is automatically considered to be for one night.


Information and details about the accommodation services can be found on the website.

Please note that the visuals on the website usually depict a standard room from each category but may not necessarily represent a specific room.


The availability of accommodation (or housing unit or pitch) is from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM, unless otherwise arranged.

If you plan to check-in after 7:00 PM, please inform us via email or by phone to schedule your arrival.

Failure to meet these conditions will result in the cancellation of the contract, and a penalty may apply.

At the time of booking, the Customer must always provide an active and reachable mobile number.

Upon arrival, guests must:

Provide identification, which will be returned after registration.

Provide any other mandatory documents for specific cases (e.g., a health green pass).

Complete a personal identification form.

Collect the key for room or apartment access.

Prepay the selected period of stay and pay a maximum deposit of €200 (two hundred) if required, which will be returned upon check-out after verifying the condition of the premises.

On the day of departure, rooms (or housing units or pitches) must be vacated by 10:30 AM, unless otherwise agreed. Guests must return the keys and report any damage or breakages.

If the Accommodation (or housing unit or pitch) is not vacated by the specified time, La Razza reserves the right to charge for an extra night, subject to any existing reservations.

If you request access to the room (or housing unit or pitch) before the scheduled arrival time or beyond the scheduled departure time, La Razza may charge an additional fee.

In adherence to national or regional regulations aimed at mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic, La Razza reserves the right to adjust the availability and accessibility of its services in accordance with the regulations or government/ministerial directives in effect at the time of entry into the facility.


The price of hospitality services includes access to the standard room (or housing unit or pitch) facilities and amenities, as well as the general services provided by the accommodation facility, taxes and included services.

The tourist tax, unless otherwise arranged between the parties, is always excluded from the communicated price.

The buffet-style breakfast is included in the rate and served at “Le Scuderie” from 7:00 AM to 9:30 AM. This service is exclusively available to customers with Room Accommodation.

Additional services included for Room Accommodation are Wi-Fi, air conditioning, mini fridge bar stocked with still and sparkling water, a private bathroom with linens and complimentary toiletries, reserved parking adjacent to the facility, access to the summer pool and sunbathing area, and an elevator in “Le Scuderie.

Additionally, “La Grattugia” restaurant, located in the central part of La Razza, offers traditional Emilian cuisine, and is not included in the accommodation. Please note that the restaurant’s management is independent and separate from the Agriturismo.

Optional services and facilities that customers may request are considered additional services and will incur an extra charge. These additional charges must be clearly specified and communicated to the customer in advance. Typically, the following services are considered additional: breakfast when not included in the accommodation price, beverages, phone calls, extra beds exceeding the standard room configuration, usage of sports and recreational facilities, and other amenities, equipment, and services that involve a per-use fee and are optional.


To confirm and secure the reservation/purchase of the service, the following credit card details are requested: Card Number, Card Type (Visa/Mastercard/Amex), Cardholder’s Name, Expiry Date. Alternatively, payment via bank transfer may be requested to guarantee the reservation.

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express.

La Razza will only use the credit card in case of cancellation fees or non-refundable reservations.

For bookings specified by La Razza as non-refundable, 50% of the total amount will be billed to the customer’s credit card upon reservation confirmation, with the remaining 50% charged 15 days before to the customer’s arrival.

La Razza will inform the customer, upon the reservation request, whether the booking is non-refundable or if an advance payment for accommodation is necessary. By providing their credit card details or submitting a bank transfer receipt, the customer explicitly accepts these conditions and authorizes the credit card charge. The above constitutes a condition for the completion of the purchase.

The balance of the stay must be paid in advance at the time of check-in and only at the discretion of the hosting facility upon check-out.

The facility accepts the following payment methods: cash (up to €999.99) and electronic payment options (Bancomat, Visa, Master Card, American Express).

The use of the payment method is subject to approval by the credit card issuer or bank, as well as the successful completion of the payment and the non-revocation of the payment method.


Any modification to the original reservation (such as reducing the number of guests in the room, altering the duration of the stay, etc.) that is requested by phone or email should be conveyed to La Razza no less than 15 days before the planned arrival date. If possible, the agriturismo will offer a revised quote for the modified request to accommodate the Customer’s preferences.

Cancellation is considered valid only when communicated via email.

The Customer may cancel their reservation without any charges up to 15 days before the arrival date, with no penalties, except for reservations defined as non-refundable and accepted as such by the Customer under these General Conditions.

If the Customer requests a reservation cancellation between 1 and 14 days before the arrival date, an amount equal to half of the reservation cost will be charged to their credit card.

If the Customer does not show up on the day of arrival, the full reservation cost will be charged to their credit card.

The Customer explicitly grants permission for the credit card charges as described above, under the specified circumstances.

The day of arrival is considered from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

The agreed-upon amounts at the time of booking will remain the same, regardless of whether there is a delayed arrival or an early departure. If a customer needs to shorten their stay, they are still required to pay for the full initially booked period. This policy is in place to compensate for the potential economic loss and protentional unsold room.


Silence is to be maintained during standard hours (2:00 PM – 4:00 PM; 10:00 PM – 7:00 AM). In general, guests are expected to not disturb the peace and tranquility of others.

When leaving the room or apartment, please make sure to turn off the lights, television, and air conditioner.

If there are malfunctions in the electronic equipment or facilities within the rooms or the facility, La Razza will take all necessary actions to address these issues. However, this does not exempt them from any obligation to provide refunds to guests.

The following actions are strictly prohibited:

  1. Smoking inside the facility.
  2. Bringing open flames into the premises.
  3. Using heaters or similar devices.
  4. Disposing of objects in the toilets.
  5. Allowing access to individuals not expressly authorized by the manager.
  6. Parking vehicles outside of assigned spaces.


The parking areas provided by La Razza are unattended. Therefore, La Razza is not responsible for any damages or theft of vehicles owned by the Customer or their belongings.


La Razza takes no responsibility for the physical and/or financial consequences that the Customer may experience as a result of activities related to the service, except in cases of proven willful misconduct or gross negligence by La Razza, or as mandated by law and non-negotiable. La Razza will not be held liable to the Customer for damages arising from:

  1. Customer conduct that violates legal regulations or these general conditions.
  2. Customer conduct that contravenes ordinary rules of prudence.
  3. Actions or omissions by third parties, except when attributable to intentional or grossly negligent acts by La Razza.
  4. Force majeure events beyond the reasonable control of La Razza.
  1. Theft, loss, or damage to the Customer’s money or property. The Customer acknowledges that La Razza is not the custodian of items and/or valuables brought into the room.
  2. Contractual or extra-contractual liability for direct or indirect damages to persons and/or property resulting from the rejection of a lodging purchase request.

Any damages caused to the facility must be compensated by the responsible guest.

The manager holds no responsibility for any damages to individuals or property arising from improper or unauthorized use of the facility, its equipment, or amenities.

The manager is also not liable for any direct or indirect damages to guests caused by the intentional or negligent actions of third parties.

Custodial services are not provided. Items and personal valuables brought into the facility, rooms, and courtyard area (including guests’ vehicles and their contents) are not considered to be under the custody of the facility’s staff.


Any complaints should be sent to:

La Razza commits to responding to all inquiries within a maximum of 7 working days.


The handling of personal data from guests collected by the manager is aimed at fulfilling contractual obligations. Via the website, the Seller reserves the right to retain the data from each reservation/purchase, as well as the Customer’s contact details, solely for the purpose of ensuring the proper execution of the contract (including sharing with commercial partners involved in payment processing and order fulfillment).

The data provided, the absence of which would result in the impossibility of performing and completing contractual obligations and Customer requests, are managed in paper and digital form, and stored in accordance with current regulations (EU Regulation 2016/679). Guests are granted the rights specified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679, particularly the right to access their personal data, request its correction, restriction, or deletion from the data controller.

Data storage and processing will adhere to the terms outlined in the privacy and data usage details provided by the Seller (accessible in the “Privacy Policy” section of the website).

To be more specific, you can find the Privacy Policy at the following web address:

The Customer should be aware that, for the safety of guests and property, La Razza has installed video surveillance in common areas such as the parking area, external spaces near the facility, entrances, stairwells, breakfast area, and camper area.


The sales contract between the Customer and La Razza is executed in Italy and is subject to Italian law.

Contracts made with La Razza through the Website are governed by Italian law, particularly the Legislative Decree of September 6, 2005, No. 206 (Consumer Code), and the Legislative Decree of April 9, 2003 (referred to as the “E-commerce Decree”).

To resolve disputes related to the interpretation, execution, or termination of these General Terms and Conditions or individual orders, if the Customer qualifies as a consumer under the Consumer Code, the exclusive jurisdiction will be the court in their municipality of residence or domicile, if within Italian territory. In all other cases, exclusive territorial jurisdiction lies with the Court of Reggio Emilia, and any other competent or alternative jurisdiction is excluded.


La Razza reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions at any time, at its own discretion and without prior notice. Any changes will apply exclusively to sales concluded from that date. By providing their credit card information or sending a bank transfer receipt, the Customer expressly agrees to these contract terms, including those related to payments, refunds, changes, cancellations, arrival, and departure times, as per Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code and Articles 33 and subsequent ones of Legislative Decree No. 206/05 (Consumer Code).