If tradition comes from experience…we are not worried then. Our farm has its roots in the mid 19th century; since then and for three generations, day by day, our family has always been very proud to ‘make’ the history of Reggio Emilia territory. A story made of simple and unique gastronomic products, with nothing similar in the world, a cultural heritage we are proud to represent and preserve.

The Duke Rinaldo I° d’Este in 1700 fell in love with the country of Reggio Emilia and decided to give his son Fracesco Maria the Duke’s Palace in Rivalta, called ‘The little Versailles’ for being quite like the famous royal palace in Paris. The Duke built the palace of Rivaltella, the shooting lodge, called ‘Flee from idleness’, now Villa d’Este, and the farm that was fundamental to sustain the estate life. This farm is now La Razza. The core of our estate used to be part of a complex of buildings spread between Rivalta and Canali, bulwark of stateliness and reference point for the whole country.

‘La Razza’ is named after a big horse racing centre where they used to breed their horses, called ‘di razza’ (breed).

In the mid 20th century, our estate had an exponential farming growth thanks to the intuition and farsightedness of Reno Zoboli who organized the estate production with modern tecniques, improving economy, work organization and farming technologies, with full respect of land and  traditions of Reggio Emilia. We are now an independent farm able to fulfill the working cycles of our produce, from the land up to our valuable foodstuffs!

Today La Razza is developed along a path where one can see the sequence of buildings and parts of the estate: dairy, pig breeding,  operational centre, feedstuff plant, cattleshed, vineyard, pond and the recently born farm holidays and sport centre. Our estate is spread on five communes at the foot of the hills of Reggio Emilia but despite the extension of 220 hectares and the many kinds of products, ours is a family estate because we love family warmth.

Franca, Claudio, Paolo and Michele with their constant and tireless work are directly engaged to keep the high level of the produce you can find on your table!