The hills of Reggio Emilia are home of the most precious Lambruschi wines and are cultivating again some vines almost forgotten and other vines which found the best appreciation somewhere else!

In our 10 hectares vineyard we cultivate rustic varieties like Grasparossa and fine vines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Savignon Blanc or less common vines like Malbo Gentile or Marzemino reggiano.

The basin where our vineyard is located surrounds the lake formed by the waters of Acque Chiare stream and Lavezza stream. From the farmhouse rooms one can enjoy this view and the regular lines of the vines, especially in the fall when the incredible colours of the foliage gives a sensation of peace, with hares, pheasants and wild ducks populating this corner of countryside.

The grapes, harvested with different ripenings, are processed in our cellar in Scandiano where our wines are made: Monterampino, Meriggio, Tramonto and Notturno.

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