The pig is a poor animal when alive, but famous when transformed into meat or salami. We breed pigs with care, understanding that the quality of its meat comes from a good breeding. We feed pigs with milk whey and first quality cereals, mostly produced here. We breed 8000 pigs a year, mostly of Gran Suino Padano classic white breed weighing up to 200 kg each, very important for their meat quality. Part of these pigs are Mora Romagnola breed, historical breed from our region, with tasty meat, very good for grill and traditional dishes. The pigs we use to supply our restaurant are grown in wide outdoor spaces on the ground. It’s very pleasant to watch the pigs grubbing the ground or splashing in the ponds to cool down in the hot sunny days. You can see them along the way to the farmhouse. The meat processing is made in our small butchery inside the farm and upon request we can also sell our products. Nothing is wasted of the pig and so we use all its parts to cook our traditional or innovative dishes.

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